Hello world… what a shock!

Hello everyone – this is my first blog!

Like so many many people there are some amazing stories to read here.  I have had an amazing year so far and my latest shock has made my stop and think it’s time to share my story with you!  I don’t think my story is particularly remarkable, instead I know that it is similar to so many people I know.  I am asked a lot at the moment “How did you do it”?  “Why did you do it”?  So I thought I’d share that with you and see what you think.

A little background first then……

I turned 40 this year and went on a mission last year to shift the middle-aged spread that I’d acquired.  2 and half stone lighter, amazing things started to happen for me.  The obvious things, I felt healthier and looked better; then life started to pick up pace as I made connections with lots of friends old and new.  New experiences followed some of which I’ll write about here that has helped me start ticking many things off my “bucket” list (You know the one…those things you promise yourslef you must do before you die).

My latest shock was one of those “pie in the sky” bucket list items…”run the London Marathon”…..and oh my goodness ….I am now a golden pledge place holder for our next London marathon! 

So 20 years after the news that my partner in crime Mr. RgR has Kidney Disease, I shall run in the 30th aniversary London Marathon on my last day of being 40 – which I think is amazingly cool!

This journey still has a long way to go, with I am sure many a wobble along the way, and I aim to share my highs and lows with you; aswell as how I got here and how you can too.  Please ask me what you want to know if you’re trying to make changes in your life no matter how small, I’ll share with you what I did and support you as others did for me!  I am sure there are many of you who will also share your experiences here too.

In order to actually line up in Greenwich next april, I also have pledged to raise a sizeable sum for Kidney Research.  I’d love to see your comments and suggestions for ideas to raise the money.

I am setting up my fund raising page http://kidneyresearchukevents.org/DawnRoberts

So looking forward to those painful steps (and runs) with you.


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One Response to Hello world… what a shock!

  1. Where have I been Dawn? I didn’t realise you had started a blog, was just looking around to see if I could sponsor you for the marathon and stumbled across RGR! Off to read some more of your posts now 😉

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