My list of firsts….

So I’ve had a busy couple of weeks since my first blog!  I’ve also mentioned in that how I have in the past year and a half, done my first run, my first 5km event and my first 10km event.  So where is this all leading?  ……….my first ever marathon…….. the 30th anniversary London marathon next April, no less!  It is really daunting and I am determined to get there, even if i only manage it once in my life.  I intend to tick that off the list.

I have been asked a lot recently, what is it that spurred me on to do this and also how have i stuck to it?

I’m not sure there is a right answer to either of those questions, but for me lots of things added up.  Kind of like a mountain of rubbish, at some point I couldn’t let it slide anymore and had to sweep all that rubbish in my life away!  Entering into middle age I was that middle-aged woman!  I’d got married, had my family, continued to work and somehow life had become one day merging into the next.  No particular excitement to look forward to, not particularly happy with how I looked and felt (mostly tired all the time) and so grumpy with work, marriage, life… boredom, I guess.

RgR at Race Life May 2009 - my first 5km

Miracles started happening, the running and friendships led to great advice, which led to dieting.  Weight started to drop off, I started to feel healthier, more energy, increased confidence and happiness.  Family life improved dramatically…I felt better about myself, was happier and so everyone else around me started being that way too!  But the most amazing turn-around wasn’t about me….. the changes in family diet, lifestyle and exercise (the butterfly effect) meant Mr. RgR who has Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) had some dramatic news from his consultant.  His annual test results were the best in years, and had in fact slowly reversed and seemed to be holding.  After previously being told to start preparing for a rapid decline into dialysis and waiting lists, I can’t tell you how wonderful that was.  There was then a dawning on both of us that while it meant some serious maintenance and upkeep to get out there, exercise, eat properly, it also made is really start to LIVE life again.  Notice, things, enjoy things, get involved in things!

So where does that take me now?…well to get to my first marathon I need to raise a sizeable sum in support of Kidney research UK and I also need train hard; Part of that training is tackling my first ever half marathon!  This is planned for 4 weeks time – the Perkins Great Eastern run. 

Wish me luck, and if you  have a spare penny or too, please sponsor me

For anyone with a business or organisation they’d like to promote – I intend to run in a plain white T-shirt in four weeks time….for a suitable donation I’ll happily sport your logo on my t-shirt/shorts.  (I think it should be  premium donation to gain pride of place across my bum!)  Please contact me if you’re interested!

Happy running/changing to anyone out there who is taking small steps to LIVE Life too!

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One Response to My list of firsts….

  1. That’s fab news about Mr RgR’s CKD, hope it stays that way x

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