The Butterfly Effect

Four weeks to go until my first half marathon, feeling a little wobbly this week! 

I have come across growing numbers of people I actually know that are also taking part which is fantastic…(hope they’ll pick me up and give me a push if they see me stumbling). 

Also so many people who have done it are offering me all sorts of advice.

The latest piece of advice I’ve tried is the ice bath…aaaaargh!!!!!!!! (Thanks Tracey).   

I really couldn’t face plunging myself into a bath already drawn; so tried a different approach.  I sat in the bath empty, gingerly turned on the cold tap and suffered while it cold water filled up over my legs.  When I was all covered and trying really hard not to wriggle I chucked in a bucket of ice.  “Oh my goodness”  it was bizarre, really quite pleasant and really not all at the same time!  Will be seeing if this works – let you know.

The other amazing thing that has been happening is this ripple effect…..

I started out on my own worried about how stupid I would look… a middle-aged podgy woman running down the road.  I started posting comments up on facebook and then I starting getting little comments of support, more comments giving advice and recommendations; then questions…..Do you think how  I do this too?, Why are you doing this?  How are you doing this?

Now people I know see me out and about and encourage me on.  Also I see them out running, cycling not just driving and waving at me!  Others are counting calories, slimming down, dragging the treadmill out in the garage and more recently I’ve been told more than once that I’m somebody’s inspiration!  Now that has completely blown me away.

So a big shout out to Mr and Mrs H, The Cycling crew, the Calorie counting dieters and my fellow dog walkers.

This effect doesn’t stop there: it filters out to my friends and the fun parts of life; going out, seeing more, doing more.  Also work – making more connections, sharing more about myself, making me more human in the virtual techie world I inhabit 9-5.  And I’m finding out so much more about these people I work with.

There are some lovely kind people who have already sponsored me – thank you so much to you all you are very generous and I am amazed;  so a massive cheer and hugs all round: Laura, Javier,  Rob, Pete, Simon, Mich, Phil, Jane, Caroline, Peter, Steve and of course my mum! 

If you have a few pennies spare (no matter how few), please sponsor me for my efforts to support Kidney Reasearch UK.

Here’s why…..

Kidney diseases can affect any one of any age. 

 400 kidney patients die each year in the UK waiting for a kidney transplant.

Currently there are 40,000 established renal failure (ERF) patients who cannot live without either dialysis, or transplantation.

The average waiting time for kidney patients is two and half years.

The number of people with severe kidney disease that require dialysis and transplantation is increasing in all western societies and this has led to an increase in the demand for kidney transplantation.

The number of deceased donor kidneys available in the UK has not really changed in the last 10 years and therefore the waiting list has grown.

Shortage of kidney transplants is compounded by the fact that renal patient numbers are growing at the rate of 6% per annum.

20,000 Dialysis patients in the UK and each year only 1,800 will get a transplant

Over 3 million people face chronic kidney disease in the UK today; and this number is expected to rise over the next ten years.

An estimated 13,000 people are killed by the disease annually in this country.

Diabetes is the single largest cause of kidney failure.  More than two million people in the UK have diagnosed diabetes.  At least a million people are thought to have diabetes but are unaware of it .  Recent reports indicate that more children will develop diabetes due to obesity, which could add to this number.

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