….in these shoes?

I love shoes and would like to state for the record so does Mr. RgR.  So much so that the expensive shoes I own have all been purchased by Mr. RgR (loads of brownie points there – take note fellas!).  So we had a chuckle at the debate this morning about that dodgy survey regarding men’s view that women don’t need to wear high heels.

Personally I find it difficult to walk in very flat shoes anyway…that may well be down to years of stiletto wearing, or bad feet I don’t know.  I DO know that when I’m wearing a great pair of shoes I feel fabulous. 

Shoes don’t give you a hard time if you’re having a fat day, or a bad hair day.  I do have to own up at least once going to work with odd shoes on (it was very dark when I was fumbling around in the wardrobe and if the heels hadn’t been different heights I probably wouldn’t have noticed)

Shoes can shout “look at me”, “I’m pretty”, “Don’t mess with me”, or “I mean business”.  They can also give you the traction, control and technical edge when running.

I purchased a pair of Fat (Fit) Flops last year when I was starting running and dieting.  There were brilliant for an entire summer of camping and also preventing me going barefoot everywhere (my usual preference).  Going barefoot for me always ends up with horrible painful hard skin all over my heels.  This year though Mr. RgR swore blind that while he was sure they’d done great things for my bum, my “Fat”flops would be burnt if they appeared again next summer as he was sick of them.

I’ve followed conversations about barefoot running.  Mainly interested as I under-pronate my left foot (My hip seems to have an outward alignment on that side) and I was trying to find out as much as possible to see how I can correct this.  I am not convinced at all about running barefoot.  I’m terrified that I’ll slash my feet to ribbons and I actually like the ceremony of strapping into my trainers, it focus my mind and sets me up for a run.

So what to run in then?  Well I’m on my second pair of trainers (having discovered at the end of summer that I’d probably done far too high a mileage on my first pair).  I went back to the professionals and had a gait analysing session and opted pretty much for the same as I had before.  I was very surprised how much more supportive a brand new pair of trainers could feel.  I love that a year ago I felt an utter fraud in my “running” trainers and while I still don’t consider myself a “Runner …gasp me?”  I feel that they were made for me and feel great on my feet.  I’ve just run these ones past the 100 mile mark – how fantastic does that sound?

Swapping from a run to heels takes an adjustment and stretching the hams and calf’s out, but with practise can be done!

Could I run in high heels?

Absolutely ..what self-respecting shoe fetishista can’t? 

I’m running in aid of Kidney Research UK for the London Marathon on 17th April 2010 and need help to raise as much as can.


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1 Response to ….in these shoes?

  1. Sadly mr and heels work about as well as a chocolate teapot. I’m terrible for going over on my ankles so I always wear the flatest shoes possible which are great for comfort but do nothing for my self image! High heels definitely make you look better instantly but not when you’re flat on your face as a result of them lol x

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