Here goes nothing? Gulp!!

Only three days left until I line up for the Perkins Great Eastern Run.  This will be my first ever Half Marathon.  I am feeling so jittery.  Had loads of advice and along with some bruises on my toe tendons (don’t ask)last week have been “tapering” (oo get me with the technical terms) this week. 

The panic that I’m being extremely lazy and might regret it is there at the back of my mind.  But still the toes are feeling better so let’s hope!

Pete, my fundraising manager dropped a running vest in for me today, so at least I’ll look the part even if I’m going to pieces on the inside.

I’m praying that the it’s not windy.  I don’t mind cold or rain, but running in the wind is totally energy sapping and i could do without that.  So I have surveyed the map of the course and have  a plan in my head of the schedule, get up , eat porridge, drive family up the wall, stand jitterring on the start, slog for two hours then collapse – hopefully with the promise of red wine and chocolate to lure me home! 

In my head I keep telling myself one mile at a time, it’ll be OK and then that self-critical little voice , my evil Edna says….” you stupid woman what are you doing?  You’re not a runner what makes you think you can do this?” jumps in.  We all have one don’t we?  Sometime Edna is more spirited than others and picks those down days to send self-doubt bouncing around my head.

Well when I finish (and I will even if it takes all day), I hope to feel that buzz, the one that picks you up and makes you feel like a genius and that should shut Evil Edna up for a while!

Meanwhile if only i could deploy Edna on some fund-raising duties……..?

I’m running to raise money for Kidney Research UK.  You can sponsor me here

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