ah the serious stuff…training

It’s been lovely, I’ve had a little break from too much running and pushing myself so hard, especially after the high of completing my first half marathon (the Perkins GER in October).  And as with everything when we’re going flat-out, the slow down brings with it a little bit of a downer.

I’ve felt extremely tired, drained, severely lacking the bursts of energy I seemed to have a little while ago!  The autumn clock change also hasn’t helped, I was startled to realised we’re in November.  No really November already!  (um… maybe that’s a sign of age) 

So time to head back into training and get focussed!  The big 16 week training schedule for the London Marathon starts in earnest from the New Year (I am so so blowing out over Christmas!).  But I want to keep my fitness up and clocking the mileage between now and then.

I have signed up for a couple of events as part of my training up to April, with the S. Valentines 30km (20 miler) 13th Feb and the Addidas Silverstone Half Marathon on March.  I have found having a commitment to focus on helps keep me on track, no matter how painful or tired I am! 

I started planning my weekly running schedule for the rest of this year and am a little stumped what to aim for.  Build up the mileage?  Just keep my feet in so to speak?  Or Suffer an event during winter.  Bbbbbrrrr not feeling it right now!  So the plan then – core strength at least once a week, gym/cross training to stretch and build legs, running 4-5 times a week aiming for 30-40 miles a week.  And of course repeating my mantra…”run, fit, thin, healthy, run, fit, thin, healthy…..”

and not forgetting the fund-raising.  Watch this space for planned events: 

Swish party: http://www.facebook.com/?sk=2361831622#!/group.php?gid=153784841328562

and also others e.g Speed dating, Christmas Preset Wrapping Service…

I’m running in aid of Kidney Research UK for the London Marathon on 17th April 2010 and need help to raise as much as can.  Please if you can donate or sponsor me I’d love to hear from you: http://www.kidneyresearchukevents.org/DawnRoberts

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