Why did I get started….I’m not a runner

It’s be a while since my last confession blog, oops so i better catch up, before the year “runs” away with me!

Oh dear that is rather bad, but then into silly season we go and all of a sudden I am so caught up in everything: work, Christmas preparations, family issues. You know what I mean!  This whole running lark has suddenly nosedived.  Where has my motivation gone?

Dark nights, cold weather and the sudden realisation that I haven’t started Christmas shopping (let alone sorted birthdays before then) is definitely taking it’s toll!  It was great relief to see some of my new virtual running buddies posting up similar comments, and yet all I still want to do is curl up in a duvet in front of a roaring log fire with a massive cup of hot chocolate!

So why on earth did I start down this path in the first place?

Well it was simple really I was unhappy about how I looked and felt – old and fat!  Added to that the gym wasn’t really cutting it for me!  A friend asked if I’d do a 5KM race for life.  I thought …yes I should be able to do that, if i can manage to run all the way around that i’ll be chuffed!  As it was I did it… in about 40 minutes with only one little walkie bit!  Along with the added benefits of having gotten over the horror or running in public and actually losing the odd pound i set my sights higher on a 10Km race so that i wouldn’t slink back into me slothly ways!

That worked too, along the way i managed to get 2.5 stone lighter, fitter, slimmer, sleeping better and all the confidence boosting shopping that went along with that – Fabulous!  The 10Km was incredibly nerve racking, but again loads and loads of on-line support helped me through it… and while on the high i entered a half marathon and the London Marathon!

You stupid stupid woman!  Honestly!

The last few weeks have seen me relax the running schedule..lots of aches and pains and a horrible blister which I grew another blister on top off .  (Scholl or compeeds.. not sure which is best at the moment).  But aches are now gone, toe is now improving, so maybe not sucha stupid woman after all…still running even be-grudgingly!  I managed my first half marathon and now really really need to get my backside out of my lardy chair and focus on keeping going..because April will be here so fast, I just know it!  So 18 months after I congratulated myself for being able to run for 5 minutes, I need to take a good look at where I am today!  Able to run 16 miles, still 2.5 stone lighter and needing to stop sulking!

Fattie to fittie..i hope anywayMe after and before I started running…my legs look fab now by the way!

So pep talk over…. hubby has had a slight dip/flag of concern over the latest bloods, Statins not doing him any good, so here’s hoping the next results in a week come back clean.  He’s also in for a knee op (as a result of running with me – oh dear:(  ) on the 17th so the reason I picked KRUK is even more pertinent!  Particularly as there isn’t any appropriate pain management medication for kidney patients…not sure just paracetamol is going to brilliant after his Op!  So if he can handle the pain with no little complaint, then i can get back on the treadmill and road!

The training plan is back in place:

5 miles yesterday, 6 planned today, 5 again and pilates tomorrow, gym and dancing Saturday, long run Sunday (I do hope i can go out and nt just use the treadmill!)

Events booked to keep me focussed: Stamford Striders 20M Feb 13th and Silverstone Addidas Half in March.  And the official London Marathon entry is now registered…..Wish me luck.

I’m running in aid of Kidney Research UK for the London Marathon on 17th April 2010 and need help to raise as much as can.  Please if you can donate or sponsor me I’d love to hear from you: http://www.kidneyresearchukevents.org/DawnRoberts

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3 Responses to Why did I get started….I’m not a runner

  1. Helen says:

    Truly inspirational stuff! You know it was talking to you and Simon in that Chinese restaurant in Peterborough last Christmas that motivated me to get off my lardy backside and start running! Like you I started with a race for life and built up to a 10k and have shed rather a lot of weight. I’m still a little way off a marathon or even half marathon for that matter, but am maintaining the 10k distance and am aiming for the next Peterborough half marathon and lots more 10k races in 2011. Looking forward to seeing you both for some dancing on Saturday night! Helen x

  2. I had never seen any pictures of you before all your exercising and dieting. You have done so well and you are very inspirational. You look amazing! Once I’m finished with breastfeeding I fully intend on getting fit again!!

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