How do you eat yours, jelly babies and fingerless mitts!

Sunday nearly over and a week of getting motivated and my feet back out in circulation almost completed!

I decided I needed to start totting up how many miles I’m running each week so that I can see it adding up and keep me on track.  So this week I’d managed  three treadmill sessions of varying durations along with a pilates session and gym with treadmill and strengthening exercises before heading outside (whoop whoop) on my long run today. 

It was struggle at the beginning of the week after the last couple of relaxed weeks and the boredom of treadmill running was getting to me!  I managed to keep that going by varying the runs.  One great thing about treadmill running  is that you can vary the pace, the elevation and track what you’re doing precisely, something you can’t do so well out on the road.

Even so it was a relief to get out on the road today.  Not quite as nice weather-wise as yesterday.  A little frosty and damp, cold with some sunny spells.  So after a couple of weeks of wearing at least two of everything, here I was out wearing at least two of everything again!  Two pairs of trousers, fours shirts and two pairs of gloves, one nice thin pair and a stonking pair of fingerless mitts over the top.  Perfect, able to still work my iPod and toasty digits all at the same time.

Prepping before going out is another matter too especially in the cold!  I love a bit porridge to fuel up.  Most runners do!  How do you do yours?  Mine with a mashed banana and some honey – perfect.  The fuel reserves were certainly still there after 14 miles.  had my legs still been underneath me, another 4 or 5 miles wouldn’t have been a problem.

The biggest problem I had today was the pain!  I decided I’d head out on a particularly slow long run today and was chuffed to bits when I got to Werrington without needing to walk!  Popped a handful of jelly babies (food of the gods) to keep the reserves up after an hour on the tarmac and then started heading back.  My thigh muscles and knees eventually got to that point where they just didn’t agree with rest of my body and to be honest it wasn’t completely unsurprising particularly after ramping back up again this week.  So I gritted my teeth and plodded on, one foot in front of the other.

Turning up the drive and picturing a steaming mug of tea sped my up just a touch and I’m glad to say that mind over matter the pain may have been there but i could phase it out.

So weekly tot up:

6 Miles, 4 miles, 8 miles, 4 miles and 14 today makes a fab 36 miles.  I’m aiming to be in the 40+ bracket by end of January.

I’m running in aid of Kidney Research UK for the London Marathon on 17th April 2010 and need help to raise as much as can.  Please if you can donate or sponsor me I’d love to hear from you:

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