Weeks Two and Three…it’s all about timing!

Christmas Dinner 2010

Well today was going to be the toughest one for a while for a number of reasons; post-Christmas first major long run, January running blues and worst of all, finally succumbing to the Local Lurgy and fighting of this horrible cold!

SoWeek Two started brilliantly.  Back at week, schedules and calendars on high alert and regular training underway, with Week One’s total to beat!  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday went well; the runs out of the way and mileage racking up…but niggling little cold symptoms from the previous week were starting to step up their assault on me!  By Thursday I wasn’t on top form!  The schedule was going to take a bashing anyway as I had a London planned weekend away in London Shopping with one of my best friends, so I had been pondering on how to handle the missed weekend sessions.  As it turned out Friday was a no-hoper, Saturday and Sunday no runs, but lots and lots of walking and by tea time on Sunday when I was home and comfortable my body decided to deliver the killer punch!  There it was I got the Local Lurgy!

The first few days of Week Three passed with me barely making it out of bed let alone out of the house!  I was so cross!  Not what I had signed up for at all.  Thursday and Friday I started to feel more like me and able to pick back up a bit.  I managed to walk the dog (albeit very slowly with lots of rests…how old am I?)  and get back to a bit of normal routine with work and family!  I am not a good patient and was fighting this full on.  No colds for me!  All meals stocked up with cold fighting produce (fruit, veg, anything hot and spicy – the works) and today I headed out on my first long run since 6th Jan!  The latest reminder that I should be a quarter of a way through my marathon training schedule supporting my decision to go out and give it a go.

Thank goodness for my heart rate monitor.  I decided to make I’d keep it down to 60%ish and pay attention to how my body was feeling; possibilities of turning around and heading home early or calling in Mr. RgR’s taxi service all good options at this point.  So out I went…very very slow and steady.  On a scale of 1 – 10 (1 easy, 10 hard) I was finding this an 6 which surprised me, better than anticipated! 

Sticking to it I managed a slow 7 miles before needing to walk, refuel etc.  Most bizarrely no coughing.  Not a one!  Sit still, stay in bed and I’m throwing a lung up.  Running, keeping moving, not even a hiccup! 

Everything still feeling good so kept my focus; speed and finish time not the goal here, keeping on my feet, slow and mileage was!  I jogged in home  after completing 15 miles.  My lungs still feel about 30% full of gunk, but heart rate looked good and legs hurt!  Done it!

Really bad timing to get a cold when in training, bad timing to pick it up after a weekend off too!  Still penance will be paid over the coming weeks and maybe having to adjust some goals and targets!  I was so scared going out as I’m not completely out of the woods, but decided while I was running at the start of this cold I was doing okay, so maybe my body responds better that way. 

 Week Two mileage 20.5 miles (38.5 if i include all the walking )

Week Three Mileage including walking – only 26 way off my 39 target!

 Week Fours target is lower at 34, so will have to see how that goes!

 I am running to support kidney research UK.  I need all the support and help I can get.  You can support me here http://www.kidneyresearchukevents.org/DawnRoberts  Thank you.

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