Life skills and a good glass of red anyone?

Glass of Valpollicella anyone?

I have been noticing the strangest little things.  I have realised something I did not expect when I set out on this journey.  I have learnt a whole new range of skills that I just did not expect to relate to running.

My feet which all my life (with the exception of pregnancy) stay cold, no longer are.  Now that may be to do with my newly learnt podiatry (foot care is top of my list of priorities at the moment and what i don’t know about blisters, toe nails, corns, dry skin etc isn’t worth knowing) or that may be the resultant energy from all the pavement pounding.

Who knew I walked so weirdly on my left foot?  I now understand so much more about biomechanics.  I have found out I have a mild hip dysplasia, and the clear effects of this show up after runs and in the strange tread wearing on my trainers.

How is it possible when I’m feeling dog tired that I can set my state of mind and manage the long long run that a year ago I would have mocked someone else for undertaking?  The psychology of running: assessing, managing and modifying my mental state and resulting behaviour is now a key tool in getting myself out and working.

How I love my food and after dieting to lose weight, I now know so much more about diet and nutrition not just to lose weight or keep healthy, but eating to maintain my muscles and give me fuel to train more efficiently. (By the way I still maintain alcohol is an excellent energy source  and of course essential to go with carbohydrate rich pasta 🙂

Acronyms and sport-geek heaven.  Thank my hubby for my gadgets, what I am now reading up about Cardiorespiratory fitness; assessing my Vo2 Max and understanding acronyms such as Acute Training Load, Chronic Training Load, Training Stress Balance, Training Stress Score, and  Intensity Factor – all ammo to bamboozle anyone into believing I really know what I’m talking about!

You will be assimilated
I really know what I’m talking about now

And these are all alongside the amazing increase in laundry to be tackled each week from 6 days a week training,  GPS/mapping software to plan running routes and Stats!!  Week four mileage 37, week five 40.  Total mileage on these trainers 452 (time for new ones!) Total mileage since I started running 810.

Good lord…what have I become, where is this going to take me?

….well committed but hopefully not taking this all far too seriously, or I will lose sight of the fact that while this is a challenge I am supposed to enjoy the journey getting there too! 

So tonight I gave myself some time off for good behaviour!  Pizza for tea; Treatme “Lush” bubblebath and a good TV evening for the fire roaring snuggling!

Thank you everyone for your continued support it is so very much appreciated.  I am now halfway to my target fund-raising.  If you can help please support me  Thank you.

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