I earnt my lovehearts

…thank god they gave out jelly babies at the stops

It’s been a bit of a lazy week for me this one.  Week nine of  training and I really couldn’t be asked.  Also breaking new trainers in so of course this was a great excuse for taking it easy and slow.  So today I definitely felt guilty and the need to put some miles down.  Lovely and sunny when I set out and I also had my first social run…. met up with another local runner so we ran 9 miles together before going separate ways.  And then 12 miles in the rain started… so I was rather wet when i got home.

Week Eight was also a wind down week for me training wise as I completed the Stamford Striders Valentine 30km on the Sunday at the end of week seven.

Very friendly and well organised, but have to say I was in bits before I started.  Weather was awful, loads of wind and rain.  Added to that the rather professional look of all the running groups in matching gear sent me into a panic tizz with a few tears!  I really, really felt out of my comfort zone that day!

Headed out wrapped up watching in mortification at the front-runners in only shorts and vests strided off into the distance!  One woman next to me at the start was turning blue….so I have no idea how they do it.  The run was difficult.  Lots of ups and downs to contend with and country roads, so lots of annoyed older drivers too!  My fantastic fellas popped around the course cheering me on which was the absolute best.  Along with the cheeky signs held up …loving the “toenails are over-rated anyway” one especially!  Well done to all the helpers.

The worst… getting up the last hill and seeing people give in and start walking….nooooo that nearly killed my momentum.  So much easier to try and keep up with someone.  And as I ran into the school gates all psyched that the end was near, realised the meanies made us run a complete lap of the school field before we could finish. Sadists! 

Still grabbed my banana, drink and Lovehearts (I earnt those and am enjoying one while typing here)

I still rounded week eight off with a long run, hoping to break my 20 mile mark.  Which I just about reached.  Bizarrely my watch tells me i used more calories for that run than my 22 mile one today!  I also learnt a valuable lesson in plaiting my hair before a run as last week, I had such a huge knot when I got home I had to have a hunk of hair cut off!

So week ten of training underway and heading for the Addidas Silverstone half marathon this weekend.  My first without my security blanket…water bottle…will be relying on the drink stops.  Hope to see a few other familiar faces amongst the runners …good luck everyone!

I am running to raise money for Kidney Research UK (KRUK).  In the course of the past two weeks a few interesting developments.  One friend has a relative who has become seriously ill with kidney failure (love and hugs there), and bizarrely met someone who has IGa nephropathy for the first time ever…the same illness Mr. RGR has.  This lad is in his early twenties and just diagnosed, so was able to calm his girlfriends fears a little.  Twenty years on, with good diet, exercise and regular checks…so far all things looking as good as they can for us!  Take a look at Isambard Wilkninson’s account which makes interesting reading  http://www.kidney.org.uk/perceptions/isambard.html

If you can help support the research into these diseases which affect so so many people of all ages, please help me.  http://www.kidneyresearchukevents.org/DawnRoberts

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