only 4 sleeps to go

Why I'm doing this


 My last blog was back at the beginning of March following the Silverstone Half Marathon.  I’ve been very tardy in getting any updates posted.  To be fair it has been frantic with work, training and fund-raising and now I am only 4 sleeps away from completing my challenge.

So what has been happening in my last few weeks running up?

Week 11 saw me managed a 24 mile run to get my training back on schedule.  A huge mental achievement far more so that physical, not least as my iphone went flat 16 miles in.  No music, no safety calls home.  All to test me and see me buy a powermonkey!  It also saw the VLM entry pack plop on the doormat  I am 36463!

Week 12 A shake up at home.  Mr RgRs blood work all being checked along with some worrying results and a step-up in some of his symptoms; not least the debilitating fatigue  It’s a never-ending battle!  I managed a total of 48 miles in training and am starting top wind down towards the final date.  The fundraising continued with a girl’s night out to see the Chippendales helping me raise a fantastic £112.  There were no complaints at the end of the evening.  Thank you ladies great fun!

Week 13 Starting to feel my legs suffer again.  Very sore knees and calf problems.  I am wondering how much of that though was to do with wearing high heels at weekends, something I’ve not done a lot of recently.  I got myself papped by the local paper and other fundraising also included the supporting me with an End of Season Superheros Fancy Dress Party; helping me raise a brilliant £342.14 .

Week 14 a lower mileage count and starting to feel incredibly emotional, bursting into tears whilst running for no apparent reason.  Completely bonkers and no good for the hydration.

Week 15 Working away in Chesterfield.  A very intense week with long days for all involved.  Really enjoyed it and managed to get a couple of runs in.  While I had the best of intentions to run from the hotel on some very pretty routes recommended by some lovely colleagues; I panicked worried that having hills an injury this close might not be great and stuck to Brampton Manor with the treadmill like a rash!  Spending all week in work shoes not great on the legs though!

Week 16 – Mr RgR latest disease update is that it is carrying on progressing and while that’s not great the news is better than expected.  Unfortunately keener focus on diet is back on the cards – absolutely no salt what so ever, nothing with potassium.  Not a happy camper.

Well here we are up to date, my taper week.  Nerves very much in residence, but the mind currently in foreman mode making sure I’ve checked everything, maps printed, times sorted, taxi/train/hotel/food etc booked.  Every little muscle twinge is being treated reverently, antibacterial hand gel ever at the ready and superfoods/pasta stocked in the fridge.  Saturday morning I will be up early into London and over to ExCel to pick up my running number and no doubt a complete basket case until the next morning 9:45 start time!  Good luck all my fellow -VLMers and thank you to everyone who’s put up with me going on endlessly about running.

As someone put it.. why are you competing in an event that the first ever person who did died?  That is an extremely good question 

I am running to raise money for Kidney Research UK (KRUK).

If you can help support the research into these diseases which affect so so many people of all ages, please help me.

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