My “bucket” list

Each new year we have a little tradition. The RgRs spend an hour thinking back over the past year to remember something special from each month of the year. It’s a lovely way to remind of us of all the amazing amount we stuff in to every moment; and as age is starting to get to my memory, helps me think back.
2013 was the first year we started a “Happy Jar”. Actually writing memories down shortly afterwards, folding the slip of paper and popping into the jar.
New years Day 2014 we sat an opened them all – it made it so much easier and rewarding as we realised we do squeeze so much out of life.
2014 we did the same. The jam is so full now…..

Another habit when i start my desk diary is to try and capture some of those key things from the previous year and write a list of things I’d like to do in the new year. Anyone who’s read up before knows how important it is to Mr RgR and myself to really live the moment, cram things in and make it count. Life can change and we know that is coming, so this is always precious.

I have starting capturing ideas for 2015 already. I will definitely share that in the new year.

My most recent ‘attend a Star Trek convention!” DONE! More on that another time!


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