Today as the weather forecasters were suggesting a balmy 18 degrees I was determined to get my running shoes out and go for a lunchtime run.

I vary when I run, but usually find running before I eat lunch works well for me (obviously making sure I’m hydrated well before starting).
Today was a nice steady 5 miler to stretch the legs and lungs. I love that a good run can take the stress out of my day, refresh me mentally and physically and shake me into a more positive place. I always sleep better too!

I set out and hadn’t completed my first mile before i got my first truck beep!
I have to point out although warm today I was not wearing shorts; which always increases the amount of heckling I get! So while enjoying the run, and temperatures my mind was pondering the runner’s dilemma of heckling.

Surprisingly it isn’t a female only issue. A quick search and you find multitudes of blogs and forums discussing this. Ladies do however tend to find it more intimidating.

So how should I deal with it?

Mostly I have my earphones in and can ignore most heckles. A word of caution though I don’t go for noise cancelling and always have enough background noise so I can be safe and hear what is going on around me. What it does do though, is give me the power of pretending I didn’t hear and ignoring the heckle. An unheard heckle is pretty unsuccessful! Also now I know why I get the beeps, I am less likely to be surprised or jump when they happen, so less unnerved.

I don’t even let the pedestrian heckling bother me….. you know the ones; who don’t look where they’re going. They’re either weaving side to side talking on a phone ahead of you, or staring at their feet as they walk. The elder generation who can’t see or hear to clearly and yet will step onto a pavement or out of a doorway into your path without looking first. So getting their wrath when you surprise them!

I take care where and when I run, I don’t want to being running through woods in the dark!

And I always have my phone with me and let someone know where I’m going and how long I expect to be. Mr RgR and teenR both have my find my phone details so they can track me if needed. It doesn’t have to be massively accurate but is reassuring if I’m on a 14 mile run that they can find me if needed.

On the whole I try to treat is as good humour and ignore anything unkind or intimidating telling myself that’s just those people feeling inadequate as they’re love to be able to do what I do and run.

Would be interested in any good one liners though………


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1 Response to Hecklers

  1. Baz says:

    A cheery wave is normal pretty well received by the Hecklers 🙂

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