On a positive note….. how do you want to be celebrated when you go?

A final salute!

A final salute!

This week started with a sad day.  We had to say goodbye to a loved one and attend his funeral.

While it was sad; everyone sombre, dressed in mourning black and weeping for the loss of a much-loved member of the family; it was also something else.  A celebration of a wonderful life.  A life very much fulfilled and characterised by love, consideration and service for others.

This had Mr RgR, myself and teenR discussing the topic one evening at dinner.  Mr RgR realised we had never really talked about or even thought to plan what might happen for any of us.  With his view of life (…..it could always be around the corner, we just don’t know it yet….), I suppose quite an urgent and important one to have.

We have differing views on what we want in finality.

Mr RgR wants a burial, somewhere his loved ones can visit to talk to him.  I’m not so bothered, I think that place can equally be somewhere special or where an urn is interned.  But he is insistent we should be together.  TeenR’s whispered query : “Are you sure you want to spend the rest of eternity with him?”  made me chuckle.  So we have some thinking to do definitely.

Interestingly Mr RgR wants Christmas Carols played at his along with ” I did it my way”!  I think there is some valid concern that the congregation should know and sing along.  I think the idea of a bottle of Sambucca and upturned shot glasses made the cut too!

Ultimately though we all agreed that we did not want a sombre occasion, we wanted a celebration and party.  So one item on the To do list is to research and plan our “Rainbow bridge” parties.   I am still considering the Space option.  TeenR likes the idea of turning my ashes into a diamond.  Goodness – where to start……….

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