….and so it begins but this time the shoes are Mitchellin Cups!

I started my blog a while ago to document my journey losing weight and learning to run!  Running became a way to promote understanding and awareness for Kidney Diease.  

This awful disease affects so many many people, a huge many who are completely unaware.  These days for those that have it and need dialysis or transplant, have to turn to friends, relatives and strangers for the possibility of a live kidney donation.  So many people are waiting and there are not enough people who have expressed wishes to donate organs before they die.

My wonderful husband of 24 years has chronic kidney disease a variant called igA Nepoprathy or Bergers Disease.  It is not curable!  We feel we are the lucky ones as it was spotted in 1990 when he had a motocrossing accident and needed knee surgery.  I say lucky, because we have had it monitored since then, lots of drugs to control symptons, regular checkups and lots of research!  

Over the years we have managed to slow down his decline in kidney function through hard work, exercise and diet mainly. At the start of 2015  Mr RgR aka Tuxman’s kidney function had dropped to 18%.  15% is when the live transplant testing process begins in earnest and dialysis.  Again we feel lucky as Tuxman has grown used to his decline in  function over many years so can mange on much lower levels than say someone who suddenly has a dramatic drop.  (Not unlike someone who learns to cope with longterm pain).  This means that putting dialysis off as late as we can has been possible.

My blog was a way to record my running journey towards the London Marathon while I raised funds for Kidney Reaserch UK.  

This morning we are starting a slightly different journey.

With kidney function getting down to that critical stage, we have over the past few years forced ourselves to take every opportunity and really live in the now, not putting off things we thought we might do in much later years.

One thing of the list for Tuxman was to race his much lover Noble M12 Sportcar!

Anyone who knows us, knows that we are petrol heads and “The Hulkster”, Tuxman’s Noble has been with us for a litlle while now going through many changes each year.  Last year Tuxman took part in a new type of motorsport for the first time.  TimeAttack!   

We loved it!

Everyone made us so welcome.  The old racing motoroil smells, activity around the track and adrenaline hanging in the air on raceday was amazing.

This weekend the 10th season for the UK begins and Tuxman plans to run a full championship season!  Are we a little bit nervous?  Excited?  Yes and Yes!

Tuxman has been packing his kit for the past two weeks, and has been a times a little challenging to live with.  (Grin!)

We love him for it and today we head off the Cadwell for scrutineering and get checked in.  The first round tomorrow is hosted along with Modified Live.

Hoping for sunny dry weather, but packing English style..(jumper, wellies, bikini…)   let’s see what my old man can do!  Driver entered!


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