Rain stopped play!

First event in the Time Attack UK 2015 calendar at Cadwell Race Circuit done!

We got set-up and of course priority went to the Green Machine Hulkster! 

As long as Hulster has a spot for the night!


Yes we were kipping in the back of the trailer overnight!  Steak still on the menu and a sweetner for dessert (welldone Cadwell!)  


will this make up for having to sleep in the back of a trailer?


Saturday went well, good weather, lots of adrenaline and race track smells!  Tuxman good warmup, better practice and great qualifying.



Heading up the mountain



However rain stopped qualifying after a 40 minute wait and assessment.  When you see the safety 4×4 aquaplaning, definitely a good call!


it’s raining!



So with all that a succesful event and a win for team TuxmanRacing

Click me to see all Podiums

For more pics from the day  

 Race report http://www.timeattack.co.uk/round-1-cadwell-park-report-25-04-2015/#sthash.TWAbMpA4.dpbs

flat out racing photography https://www.facebook.com/simon.b.roberts.1/posts/10152692604826688

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