All Change

Do you ever have that moment where you feel that the whole world is spinning madly around you?  The one where you feel like you are the character on film slowing down watching it all blur as you have that moment of clarity?

Yep – had that … in spades over the past few weeks!

So much change, so little time.

It’s ironic really.  Mr rGr and I have a mantra that is all about squeezing as much as possible out of every second.  But we also know how important it is to have that pause for breath.  That pause and acknowledgment is absolutely as important if not more so, to really be mindful of everything and also take in some calm, make some adjustments before we dive in again!

Over the past few weeks, we have had some amazing trips both with fabulous friends and family.  Also a wonderful european road trip together, starting us on the road back to just being a couple again.  We packed teenR off to university with a good sendoff.  In the background I have changed jobs, Mr rGr has restructured his business.    Mr rGr’s racing passion with Time Attack UK closed out his racing season with a round win after two traumatic rounds with major mechanical failures.  We’ve acquired Farrah Fiat to the rGr auto fleet, started building Mr rGr a proper man-cave so that there’s room for all the automotive developments.  Oh and I’ve started learning Pole fitness!

So…. you can understand why I feel I am spinning literally and figuratively.

image image

This morning is definitely one of those calm ones to be mindful and share that.  Every opportunity we have to be thankful and grateful for this amazing life is one we take with great joy!

Yesterday I drove to my new job, smiling.  Enjoying the sunny drive with the roof down.  At work, while the chaos whirled around, I enjoyed the focus and energy.  There is such a hopefulness towards the great possibilities we can get done.  Last night grocery shopping, Friday steak night and a family phone call closed out another incredible week.

Today, I know we have another busy weekend, and yes that takes energy too, but I sleep well and feel truly alive so all that effort and dizziness is so so worth it!

Your life is yours to live as you choose, are you really doing yourself justice and living it the best that you can?


Club RWD Round winner

Club RWD Round winner

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