Living donor…..,

Are you a donor?  Have you registered? Discussed your wishes with your nearest and dearest?


i am. I have. And now I am planning to donate a kidney.

Mr RgR has reached that stage…. we’re 6 months on the transplant waiting list, about to kick off dialysis to keep him alive and in that hiatus if waiting .

So today I visited my living donor office and started the tests.  Round 1 urine bloods, blood pressure, tissue typing  ecg and chest X-rays.

As Jim told us there are 2 questions to be answered  an I healthy enough to undergo the operation  and do I have a suitable kidney to donate that by doing so won’t adversely impact my life.

Mr. RgR would rather I didn’t donate, we’re still hoping to get a deceased donor. But that is in the lap of the gods .

It is slightly terrifying but I can’t imagine the alternative so for me it’s the right thing to start the journey.  I’ve always felt that this would be inevitable but the tests will tell us.  This is a few months of tests so more to come .  Frankly I’m proud of the fact I didn’t faint when they took vial after vial of blood today (thanks to the expert administrations of Tony who swears it was his first day on the job!)

If you haven’t registered as a donor after you die yet, think about it, talk about with your loved ones.  What would you do if they needed that help?




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