Today was my third trip back to Addenbrooks to continue the investigations to see if I am a suitable live donor for Mr rGr.

Bloods, urine samples, X-rays, ecg and ultrasound done.  Today was all about eGFR….the filtration rate of my kidneys.  Basically how well they are functioning.  

So an early start to get to outpatients, bloods done, pop in for my radioactive injection.  (Mr rGr was slightly disappointed it didn’t glow flurogreen…). Cannula inserted, then up to the live donor office to drop off urine samples.

My co-ordinator wasn’t available straight away so another one sat with us for a few minutes catching up.  We were happily joking about our situation.  Mr rGr stating that “with any luck I’ll get the call and won’t need hers”, at which point his phone rang.  He looked at me it’s Addenbrooks ringing me….. on the other end was Jim , my co-ordinator saying, Simon we’ve found you a Kidney!

You can imagine the state of or our jaws…… how long do you think it’ll take you to get here?

“Well.  I’m sat out side your office, so about 2 minutes”

I’d love to say that I’m writing this now with Mr rGr happily in recovery, and sadly that’s not so.  

Finding a Kidney is the start, then they check the recipient to make sure you’re ready to accept and healthy to go to op.  They also have to take receipt of the organ and check it out.  Sadly while on paper this looked like the perfect match, further examination showed the kidney to be too damaged to proceed.   

Quite the roller coaster, focus on one then the other, shock, excitement, denial, acceptance, grief  I suppose (we’re gutted!).  

I have to thank rGr-son for his insight…”You must be near the front of the waiting list… this is great news”.   

We truely hope the other transplant Patients waiting today got lucky and are on their way and can’t wait until it’s us one way or another.

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